Hi there!

My friends call me Sok, I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I am a street culture enthusiast: fashion, lifestyle, food, & nature - I capture it all through my love for street photography. 

Several years ago I started off as a fashion stylist, who one day decided that I wanted to create and direct my own projects. So I went out and purchased my very first DSLR camera for beginners (Canon EOS 100D) - the very same camera I still bring around with me to this day. After a couple years of practicing lifestyle photography with the help of YouTube tutorials and Reddit forums, I found myself most passionate about visually documenting subjects on the streets. 

There is something about the raw authenticity and emotions of our surroundings that catches my attention.



I have this no no about calling myself a professional - I learn things on the fly by just getting out there and picking up new skills along the way.

I'm here to create opportunities for myself by sharing my work and my journey. The goal is to one day be the owner of a creative studio where artists alike can create, have fun and feel like they belong to a community. 

Ultimately, the goal is to be happy by simply doing what I love.

I love listening to Lo-Fi Beats when I'm working - it really helps me focus and gives me all the good vibes. I've shared my playlist, enjoy and relax!

Thank you, I appreciate you for dropping in and getting to know a little about me. Stay safe - Peace!